Your help is needed to continue the growth and success of the IFMA Chesapeake Chapter. The best way to maximize your membership and further develop your facilities career is to get involved in your chapter. Both associate and professional members are encouraged to participate.

You’ll meet more people, learn more about facilities management and have more fun! The Chesapeake Chapter has several teams including: Membership Services, Community Service, Communications, Education, Learning & Professional Development, Special Events and Sponsorship & Industry Partnering.

Benefits of Taking a Leadership Role in a Professional Association
10 benefits of taking a leadership role in a professional association

Engineering career adviser Anthony Fasano, P.E., M.ASCE, says successful civil engineers often tell him they developed their speaking abilities, their confidence, and their network by taking on leadership roles in professional associations. For a recent post to his Ask Anthony series for ASCE News, Fasano shared 10 career advantages of becoming an association leader.

You will:
 •  Improve your management skills by leading a task or volunteer committee
 •  Improve your communication skills by collaborating with other volunteers
 •  Become more known in your industry and community by being more visible
 •  Build a network of other motivated professionals who are also volunteering
 •  Make friends (this sounds like something to focus on in elementary school, but building friendships is 
     satisfying throughout life)
 •  Gain confidence by speaking in front of groups of people
 •  Show your company that you are a leader
 •  Drive positive change and growth in your field through your volunteer work
 •  Improve your productivity skills, because you’ll have to, to fit this work in
 •  Open yourself up to an unlimited amount of career opportunities.

 Source: "Successful Civil Engineers Do This When It Comes to Professional Associations," by Anthony Fasano for ASCE News, Oct. 19, 2017