CFM Certification

2021 CFM Course Offerings:

Although the details of how this program will be offered/delivered are still not 100% established, the following dates are being proposed for the traditional 1 day session. More details concerning delivery method and times will be provided as they become available.

               Spring 2021: June 9

                Fall 2021: October 6

For questions on the CFM Class contact Gary Pfeifer @ (410) 308-9474 or email [email protected] or Chapter Administrator at [email protected]

Testimonial from a newly Certified Facility Manager

Hello All, my name is Patrick Berryman and I recently obtained the Certified Facility Manager (CFM) credential from IFMA. I can say that this would not have been possible if

it was not for the Chesapeake CFM Exam Prep Workshop hosted by Gary Pfeifer. Prior to the Prep Workshop I received my Facility Management Professional (FMP) credential from IFMA and have over 7+ years of Facility Management experience in my career so I felt that I was ready to sit the exam. I decided to sign up for the Workshop because I believe “Knowledge is Power”, and it was the best decision that I could have made.

The workshop was straight to the point of the CFM exam and had great scenarios that expanded my experience along with the additional knowledge from peers in the classroom. Without getting much into Mr. Pfeifer’s program, I can say that he taught three (3) different thinking processes and one (1) high-level method of thinking that I found myself asking during every question on the exam. I would strongly recommend everyone to take this CFM workshop especially if they believe that they are ready to take the exam so that the techniques learned during the class can be quickly demonstrated on the exam. Great workshop and good luck for all candidates!!!

The Certified Facility Manager (CFM) credential sets the industry standard for ensuring the knowledge and abilities of practicing facility managers.

More than ever, recognizing competency and high performance - establishing benchmarks, defining competence and setting performance standards - is vital to the global economy. Never before have the public, employers and government agencies relied as much on certification organizations as they do today. Professional associations are now taking a lead role in developing these credentialing programs, and IFMA's CFM program was the first in facility management.

IFMA's certification process is designed to assess competency in the field through work experience, education and the ability to pass a comprehensive exam. Since the program began in 1992, more than 3,500 facility managers from 25 countries have achieved this prestigious recognition.


The CFM Exam is competency-based, testing what a person can do compared to standards that define the practice of facility management. One cannot take a course or a simple knowledge-based exam to earn the credential. IFMA's competency-based program is at a higher level than a knowledge-based program, reflecting the growing importance of facility management in the international business world.

Recognized Globally

In addition, the CFM is the only global facility management certification available. Every country that chooses to localize the exam must maintain a certain percentage of global questions on their exam; however, they are also to include a number of regional/local questions, allowing facility managers to practice in their own countries and have the skills and knowledge to practice globally as well.

IFMA’s Certified Facility Manager® (CFM®) credential receives
ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) accreditation!

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