July 15 Webinar - Training You Can't LIVE Without!


July 15, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Chesapeake Chapter Webinar

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Topic: Lifesaving AED Compliance -
Be Prepared to Save a Life!

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Lifesaving AED Compliance – Be Prepared to Save a Life!

Course Description:

Heart To Beat CEO, Scott Kuhlman, will speak to the steps needed to implement and manage a state and ADA compliant AED (Defibrillator) program. Take a dive into why states require what they do, how to remain compliant and what a management program entails. He will also review AED basics, what to look for and how to operate them safely. COVID-19 building re-occupancy challenges will also be examined.
Be prepared – not attending could be a fatal mistake!

Presented by:

Scott Kuhlman
CEO of Heart To Beat LLC

Scott Kuhlman is the CEO of Heart To Beat LLC, a Safety Training and Consulting company located in Phoenix, MD. Heart To Beat provides a wide range of lifesaving training and equipment to some of the area’s largest businesses. Scott is renowned for instilling confidence and camaraderie in his clients, from all schools levels to private employer and government entities. He looks to the future by providing all of his clients the same: the ability to safeguard a future with training, comfort and confidence to face the myriad of challenges inherent to today’s world.

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This presentation on Lifesaving AED Compliance –
Be Prepared to Save a Life!

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