AAWDC - Apprenticeship Program

Next-Gen FM 

IFMA Chesapeake has long been committed to helping position the Chapter, and by extension its members, as the premiere resource and representative for FM in the region.

As we consider the pending talent drain within FM, and the challenges that loss of talent will cause to our organizations, Workforce Development has been a very popular topic for a number of years. Now is your chance to get involved in this ground breaking endeavor that is being rolled out in Maryland and anticipated to be replicated nationally!

Through collaboration with Anne Arundel Workforce Development (AAWDC) Corporation, IFMA has helped highlight the need for an FM Apprenticeship Program. AAWDC and the MD Department of Labor have received federal money to both establish and support an FM Apprenticeship Program. The Registered Apprenticeship (RA) is a unique, flexible training system that combines job related technical instruction with structured on-the-job learning experiences. RA provides the opportunity for workers seeking high-skilled, high-paying jobs, and for employers seeking to build a qualified workforce, to successfully connect. RA gives us a chance to combine on the job learning with related instruction provided by colleges, job training centers and relevant professional associations (that’s us).

The benefits are numerous and obvious!
1. Apprentices are among the most technically up-to-date workers
2. Structured training fosters quality output and teamwork
3. Training programs produce a pool of highly skilled workers from which to select future managers
4. No cost to begin the program
5. Tax credits for companies that hire apprentices after they complete the program

What are our next steps?  
To identify Maryland Area Employers who are interested in working with IFMA and MD DOL to train and hire workers in the FM industry. That’s it!!! Is that you???

For Additional Information Please Contact:

Gary Pfeifer, CFM, SFP, FMP
[email protected]

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